Bath exhaust fan installation

At SHD Electric we offer a full service bath exhaust fan installation services. Having a proper size bath exhaust fan is important in maintaining you bathroom and your house. Excess humidity can cause a lot of damage it also can cause formation of black mold which is dangerous for human and animal health.

Therefore we suggest to install new or up-size your existing bathroom exhaust fan and while we're at it we make sure that venting and electrical is up to code.

You can go one step further and install a humidity sensor switch, which will activate your bath exhaust fan every time the excess humidity is present until it's gone, so you don't have to worry about turning the fan off.

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Bath exhaust fan

Upgrade exisiting fan

with Panasonic (110CFM 0.3 sones)

Starting from 350$

    New bath fan

    Wiring, installation and venting

    Starting from 650$

      Humidity sensor switch

      Timer/Humidity sensor switch